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Logo, Graphic & Website Design for Electricians Plumbers & all trades

Design For All Trades quickly demonstrated their strong skills and ability to tap into exactly the vision of logo we were looking for.

Positive Impact

At the core of every trade is the ability to make the world a better place. Whether it is fixing or styling, demolishing or building the end result is an improvement to the world we live in.

At Design For All Trades, we aim to provide the same positive impact to every contractor and trade business who uses our creative services. By producing logo, graphic and website design for electricians plumbers and all trades, we too can contribute to their cause.

Is your current trade business branding working for you?

Are you constantly feeling like you spend more time quoting for work and less time doing it? Wouldn’t you prefer a trade business that actually attracts customers?

Allowing you to successfully compete with your quotes, without competing on price. And spend less time stressing and more time making money.

Heck, I am sure that is why you started a trade business in the first place. Design For All Trades has helped electricians, plumbers, builders and many other trades with professional design that works. It’s what we do best.

What is a brand?

A brand is not just your logo, your business card or your website. A brand is a perception your clients have of your business. If you choose not to build one for yourself, you are allowing your clients to create one for you – either good or bad. But if you create a brand the way you want, around the values that you believe in, that’s when you can resonate with your clients. Your brand now works for you.

Design For All Trades specialise in making trade individuals and trade businesses look professional.

We can work with your current logo or design you a new one. We then work to make everything that displays that logo look the best it can be. Think business cards, quotes, invoices, website, work shirts, promotional flyers, magnets and even vehicles. When everything works together, that is when great things happen.

Branding your business

No matter which trade you are in, electrician or plumber, cabinet-maker or tiler, having an effective and cohesive brand conveys your quality, credibility, value, and experience.

Even the most skilled electrician can be perceived poorly by a weak looking brand. Your logo, your van, your attire, anything that represents your business, all add to this assumption. When it comes to marketing your services, those that have a strong brand hold an enormous competitive advantage.

And this is where Design For All Trades can help. We provide trade businesses with a stand out brand so they can attract clients, give value back to the community, and better our world.

Getelec Avatar - 250px
Sean Hobby
Getelec Australia

First impressions do count. We have seen an increase of 183% on quote approvals since using our new design

Professional Design

Big corporations have been using the power of brand building for decades. They know the reward you receive when a brand delivers one cohesive message. Here is how your trade business can benefit from a professionally designed brand.
website design number 1

A memorable design

great for client referrals
website design number 2.

Perception of quality

The ability to
charge more
website design number 3

consistency looks established

helps to
develop trust
website design number 4

intellectual property

increasing your
business value

Everything your
brand needs

Design For All Trades specialise in building logos and website design for electricians plumbers and the trade industry. Everything from marketing materials to vehicle decals, work shirts and more.
Logo design
for all trades
With so much competition, branding matters more than ever. Whether you are a starting out as a contract plumber or an established electrician desiring a rebrand, Design For All Trades will help you take on the competition with a professional and memorable logo design.
Graphic design
for all trades
Professional print design builds trust amongst your customers and elevates you above your competitors. Design For All Trades provide creative design solutions such as flyers, brochures or promotional products that sell your service, in line with your brand identity, timeframe and budget.
Website design
for all trades
An online presence is crucial for your trade business to grow. Design For All Trades provides a range of affordable website design services to deliver your message on brand and with impact. From websites to email marketing, your brand will look professional and get results.

Our design services

Like every successful business, you should be proud to stand behind your logo.
From letterheads and business cards to quotes and invoices, consistency is crucial.
Clever promotions, unique offers or simply seeking referrals, you gotta advertise it.
Your website is your online sales man, we make sure he’s doing his job.
Send your clients emails they will look forward to. Beautiful and clever.
Billboards are expensive, yet you're driving around in one. Use it wisely.
Erryn O'Brien Cogent Scaffolding Australia
Erryn O'Brien
Cogent Scaffolding Australia

Design for all Trades are experts in Web Design, Logo’s and Graphic Design. They do such beautiful work for trades businesses, highly recommend!

Designed in Australia

Design for All Trades is an Australian Business and all work is completed within Australia. We believe in supporting local communities and often work with other local businesses right here in Australia.

If you have a local preferred supplier we would be more than happy to work with them, alternatively, we can find a supplier to work with near you.

Supporting local business

When it comes to logos, graphic design for print or website design, we produce all design and development ourselves. However, Design For All Trades works closely with many local Australian businesses to ensure an effective end result for our clients.

Services include copywriting, photography, video production, printing, sign writing, embroidery and social media marketing.

Let’s work together

Do you own a small to medium business, in Australia, that provides a service that would complement Design For All Trades? Do you often work with plumbers, electricians, builders or any of the other trade-based businesses? Please contact us, we would love the opportunity to collaborate with you.

Giving Back

One of the best things we love about working with trades people, is the mateship. Even two competitors will have each other’s back. At Design For All Trades we continue that mateship, by donating 5% of each project to the charities that have your back.

Logo, Graphic and Website Design for Electricians Plumbers and All Trades

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Ready to get started?

What to expect from a logo design

Modern Designs
Using the best techniques, we deliver timeless branding that represents the quality of your trade business.
Look professional
Show prospective customers that you’re a leader in your trade with a premium identity you can be proud of.
Relax and enjoy
Our process has been designed to make it simple and easy for you to understand, and even enjoy.
We constantly update you throughout the entire process to ensure we deliver exactly what you need.
Brand Guidelines
We provide a brand style guide outlining colours and fonts to ensure your new brand remains consistent.
Supplied files
Every file format you will ever need is supplied to you, making printing and website design a breeze.
Case study


4 Elements plumbing contacted Design For All Trades to create a logo for their brand new plumbing business. The client wanted something that would stand out in a competitive Sydney market by not looking like other plumber logos. The name 4 Elements Plumbing provided the opportunity to explore a creative direction away from the cliche pipes and water drops of your standard plumber logos.

Design For All Trades carefully crafted an icon that captured the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Wind, into one device. The bright colour palette provides the plumbing business with a rare, vibrant identity. Supporting the icon is a custom-built word mark that can stands on it’s own for greater flexibility.

When it comes to logo design for plumbers, 4 Elements Plumbing stands out from the pack, and provides the plumbing business with the foundation for building a memorable brand.

Luke Cordony - 4 Elements Plumbing Australia
Luke Cordony
4 Elements Plumbing, Australia

We are constantly being told we have the best plumber logo in Sydney. Thanks for your amazing work.

What to expect from a website design

Mobile responsive
We provide extra care to ensure your customers have a positive experience viewing your website on mobile.
Modern & stylish
A beautifully functioning website using the latest techniques to engage with your audience is our goal.
SEO friendly
We lay the foundations for improved search engine results by including SEO techniques in your website.
We answer all your questions in plain English and continually update you on the progress for peace of mind.
Custom designed
Your brand is unique and your website should be too. We custom design your website for effective results.
WordPress training
Want to update your website yourself? We will show you how to do it so that you are in control.
Case study


Keid In Electrical required an upgrade to their website design to attract larger clientele. There was nothing inherently wrong with their current site, however it did not demonstrate the quality of workmanship the electrician was renowned for. After contacting Design For All Trades, we sat down to discover what the electrician company stood for, and the brand promise that wished to deliver

Design For All Trades worked with Keid In Electrical to ensure the new design matched their current branding. The custom design capitalised on the strong colour palette to produce a vibrant, modern website. Subtle animations added to the customer experience and the overall website provides reassurance in the professionalism of the electrical company.

The website for Keid In Electrical plays an integral part for their tender applications, showcasing their expertise as electricians, and setting them apart from their competitors

Scott Keid Keid In Electrical Australia
Scott Keid
Keid In Electrical, Australia

From start to finish, we have enjoyed working with Design For All Trades. Our website positions us as the professional business that we have always aimed to be.

What ever your trade,
we have you covered.

  • Electrician
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Mechanic
  • Builder
  • Tiler
  • Cabinet Maker
  • Painter

First impressions matter

Imagine the headstart you’ll receive when your new client has already judged you in a positive way because of your branding.
Let’s make that happen, get your logo, graphic and website design for electricians plumbers and all trades.