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Design For All Trades produce logo, graphic and website design for electricians plumbers and all trades

Elimintate your
competition and
attract clients

Invest in professional graphic and web design for electricians and energise your electrical trade business.


Marketing boost for Electricians

    Do you struggle to find good clients?

    Constantly feeling like you spend more time quoting for work and less time doing it? Wouldn’t you prefer a trade business that actually attracts customers? Allowing you to successfully compete with your quotes, without competing on price. And spend less time stressing and more time making money.

    Heck, I am sure that is why you started a trade business in the first place.

    Design For All Trades has helped electricians, like yourself, with creative design solutions that work. It’s what we do best.

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    Sean Hobby
    Getelec Australia

    First impressions do count. We have seen an increase of 183% on quote approvals since using our new design

    What does your brand say about you?

    Even the most skilled electrician can be perceived poorly by a weak looking brand. Your logo, your van, your attire, anything that represents your business, all add to this assumption.

    This is where Design For All Trades can help. We provide electricians with a stand out brand so they can attract clients, give value back to the community, and better our world.

    A brand that
    works for you

    A brand is not just your logo or your business card. A brand is a perception your clients have of your business. If you choose not to build one for yourself, you are allowing your clients to create one for you – either good or bad.

    But if you create a brand the way you want, around the values that you believe in, that’s when you can resonate with your clients. Your brand now works for you.

    Invest in your business!

    The return on your brand investment

    Big corporations have been using the power of brand building for decades. They know the reward you receive when a brand delivers one cohesive message.

    Here is how your electrical business can benefit with a professionally designed brand:



    A memorable design which is great for client referrals


    Higher rates

    A higher perception of quality allowing you to charge more



    A consistent brand looks strong and gains trust



    Increases the value of your intellectual property

    Electricians brighten our world

    We believe that electricians make the world a better place. Our world is advancing as we move into a digital age, and we rely more on electricity than we ever have before.

    Electricians have the power to make electricity more accessible and are a valued trade in our community. And at Design For All Trades, we are all about the community.


    To enable electricians and electrical trade businesses to unleash their competitive advantage through the power of branding, creative thinking and stand out design so they can better serve their community.

    The foundation for business success

    Your logo is your bat symbol, it must proudly project your business. If you can put it on something, do it. The more places it appears the more recognisable it becomes.

    Some popular places to display your logo:

    • Business cards
    • Quotes & invoices
    • Proposals
    • Vehicles
    • Work shirts
    • Website

    Attracting clients the right way

    Once you have a strong brand that looks great, you need to ensure people can see it. And that means getting it in front of them as much as you can.

    Some popular ways to advertise:

    • Fridge magnets
    • Flyers
    • Press ads
    • Email marketing
    • Google & facebook ads
    • On-site signage

    A boost for your
    trade business

    We specialise in making trade individuals and trade businesses look professional. We can work with your current logo or design you a new one. We then work to make everything that displays that logo look the best it can be. When everything works together, that is when great things happen.


    Marketing boost for Electricians

      Giving back to the community

      One of the best things we love about working with trades people, is the mateship. Even two competitors will have each other’s back. At Design For All Trades we continue that mateship, by donating 5% of each project to the charities that have your back.

      Energise your
      electrical trade business

      Unleash your competitive advantage with a stand out brand that works.
      Start that journey today.