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Branding questionaire

Nobody knows your business better than you

Your business is unique

Yes, there might be many other trade businesses that can do what you do. But to truely brand yourself, you need to differentiate. That means, finding that little something that sets you apart from your competition.

The questions in this form will help you to discover it or entice you to create one. And our copywriters will turn it into a professional sales copy that successfully markets your business.

Not every questions is required, but every ounce of information you do provide will allow us to customise a your website content perfect for you and your trade business.

The questionaire

IMPORTANT: The purpose of this task is to get the information out of your head. There is no need to write the paragraphs yourself, check spelling or spend time carefully choosing your words. Our professional copywriters can do that for you.

The most important thing here is the amount of information you can provide that we can then expand on. Please feel free to use bullet points if that is easier for you.

    Logo design

    What is the exact wording for your logo?

    Do you have a slogan / tagline? If so, what is it?

    Are there any elements you would like to see in your logo?

    Are there any colours you would like to incorporate?

    Are there any other brand logos that appeal to you?

    Are there any other businesses in your industry that you look up to?

    Who are your main competitors? (list as many as you can)

    Do you have any comments relating to the logo design?

    Website Content


    Why did you get into your trade?

    How long have you been in business?

    What are the values that you work by?

    What do you do that others don’t?

    What would you like your customers to say about you?

    What do you strive for in your work?

    Why should someone choose you over a competitor?

    Are you a member of any organisations in your trade?

    Do you have any certifications?

    What sites do you currently have reviews on?


    What are the main services you provide, list as many as you can?

    What problems do you fix?

    What services would you like to do more of?

    Who do you typically service?

    Who would you like to service more?

    What areas do you service, list as many as you can?

    What do you strive to achieve with each job?

    Do you guarantee you work, what does that include?

    What would you say you do that other tradespeople in your field don’t do?

    What would you like your customers to say about the service you provide?


    Your name

    Your business name

    Your phone

    Your mobile

    Your email

    Your work address

    Facebook URL

    Instagram URL