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Who we Are

Working with our hands to create.

Our passion for trades

Many trade individuals and businesses struggle to find good clients. Feeling like they are spending more time quoting for projects and less time working. They want a trade business that attracts customers so they can spend less time stressing, and more time earning money. They want to compete successfully with their quotes but not with their prices. And build a trade business that allows them to spend more time with their family and enjoy their life.

We think it is a shame that there is a disconnect between trade individuals and trade business who are skilled at their work, and the perception their potential clients have of their business. I believe the trade industry makes the world a better place. And Design For All Trades want to provide these businesses with a stand out brand so they can give value back to the community.


To enable trade individuals and businesses to unleash their competitive advantage through the power of branding, creative thinking and stand out design so that their community can benefit from their service.

Erryn O'Brien Cogent Scaffolding Australia
Erryn O'Brien
Cogent Scaffolding Australia

Design for all Trades are experts in Web Design, Logo’s and Graphic Design. They do such beautiful work for trades businesses, highly recommend!

Why Trade Businesses?

As a graphic designer, I have created campaigns that help big name brands get rich at the expense of their customers’ health and wellbeing. Think brands that sell sugar sweetened drinks, junk fast food and gambling. And I couldn’t do it anymore.

I wanted to help my clients have a positive impact on their community. And that’s where trade businesses and trade contractors stood out. Whether they are building or repairing, they always aim to improve. And their customers, the community and the economy, benefit from the service they provide.

That is why Design For All Trades exists. To help trade business and contractors get more work, and in turn benefit the community around them.

Giving Back

One of the best things we love about working with trades people, is the mateship. Even two competitors will have each other’s back. At Design For All Trades we continue that mateship, by donating 5% of each project to the charities that have your back.

Professional network

When we work together that is when great things happen. At Design For All Trades we rely on a network of amazing individuals to get the job done. Each bringing their own skill set as we collaborate together on your project.

Community Focus

The world is changing and more and more people are becoming their own boss in the pursuit of a healthy work life balance. Design for All Trades supports this movement, not only through the countless trade individuals building their own business, but also in the suppliers we choose to work with.

A trustworthy brand

Building trust takes time, but at first glance your potential client will have to trust their instincts.
Let’s help them make that decision.